UNLIMITED Yoga Classes for 2 Weeks

Why Practice Sunshine Yoga?...


Sunshine Yoga is for EVERYONE! The beauty of Sunshine Yoga is that ALL people are welcome regardless of experience.


Our students come to class to…

-- Increase their strength and flexibility

-- Relieve stress

-- Increase their energy through a great workout.


They leave class feeling calm, connected, and grounded!


Sunshine Yoga is never intimidating because our community will guide and inspire you through YOUR journey.


We embrace our perfectly imperfect yoga practice!


Check out our NEW YOGI SPECIAL! TWO WEEKS of unlimited classes for $39.00 to be used within 14 days of your first class.

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"Had a great time! Samantha is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge to help you make it your own practice!! Beautiful space, great group!! Super convenient, no need to bring anything, great class time & parking was fabulous!!" - MELANIE B.

"I am new to Yoga. I love that Sunshine Yoga offers different level classes. They have all the tools you need for class - not needing to buy or bring anything. Thank you Kristi and Mandy for providing a class that a beginner like me feels comfortable participating in." - CHRISTINE Z.

"I loved the class! The space is AMAZING and the tea was a nice touch afterwards."- EMILY N.

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OUR PURPOSE is to create a space for growth, inspiration, and COMMUNITY. We will help you find your SHINING PURPOSE on the mat. Yoga is for EVERYONE!

Yoga is YOUR practice, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT, make it your own, find your edge, find your happiness.

The beauty of Sunshine Yoga Sheboygan is that ALL levels are welcome. We ALL embrace our PERFECTLY IMPERFECT practice!

There is no reason to feel intimidated here because we’ll guide and inspire you through YOUR journey. YOU will create connections and build COMMUNITY.

Our students come to us at all stages of their practice—from those who have never been on a mat to those who have been practicing for years.

And although all of our instructors are experienced with working with brand new students, we also have offerings specifically tailored to new students.

Many people say that they’re not flexible enough to do yoga, but that’s precisely why they need to do it. Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down.


Great Insight for Beginners or New Students:

  1. We have mats and all other equipment available for you to use.

  2. Wear comfortable workout clothing.

  3. You’ll most likely be barefoot, you may also choose to wear socks.

  4. We recommend you bring a water bottle.

  5. Make it your own. Do NOT worry about what the person on the mat next to you is doing. Everyone is different, your yoga practice is your OWN.



All Levels Yoga

Vigorous & Inspiring Power Yoga with a deep connection to your center…your guts. Be Gutsy. You got this. All levels welcome, including beginners, modifications are encouraged. Let's FLOW!

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